Welcome to Mrs. Salak’s First Grade!


    Dear Parents,


    It is going to be an exciting year of learning in Room #1!!! I’d like to invite you to be my partner in developing the potential within your child. My goal is to provide a positive first grade experience for each one of my students.


    Please feel free to communicate with me via a note or an e-mail. I am interested in your ideas, concerns and/or accomplishments you may want to share. I will try my best to check my e-mail every evening. My address is: rsalak@cdschools.org


    Below, I’ve listed information to help prepare you for our school year.


    *Specials are everyday from 1:15-1:55


    Day 1        Computer Lab

    Day 2        Library

    Day 3        Art

    Day 4        Music

    Day 5        Phys. Ed.


    Please Note the following:


    1. Your child will need to wear or bring sneakers on Day 5 to participate in Physical Education class.


    2. Please label all of your child’s personal items (backpacks, lunch box, coat, hat, etc) with his/her first and last name.


    3. If your child will be picked up for an early dismissal or will be changing their normal transportation to or from school, please send a note with your child so that we can notify the office of these changes.


    4. Please fill out all papers and return them to school in your child’s Take Home Folder. * Do your best to help your child stay organized using his/her Take Home Folder. (Try to establish a routine: bring folder home, open it up and look in both sides; then return the proper papers to the folder, remembering to put it back in the backpack for the next day!)


    5. During our second recess, children will be allowed to bring a snack from home to eat on the playground. * Snacks should not require silverware or other items that could be dangerous on the playground.  Items such as grapes, pretzels, snack bars, crackers, etc, are acceptable.


    6. Our classroom can be very warm at the beginning and end of the school year.  Your child is more than welcome to bring in a filled water bottle to have at their seat.  Also remember to dress appropriately for the heat.




     One of this year's goals is to set a pattern of responsibility that will aid your child in his or her future schooling. Some of these responsibilities include remembering to: 


    1)  Bring their backpacks and their folders to school daily

    2)  Return all homework and stories to school

    3)  Wear sneakers on gym day

    4)  Bring library books each week

    5)  Know their lunch choice for the day




    Homework consists of reviewing ALL work enclosed in your child's folders or workbooks on a daily basis. Please complete math homework that is sent home. Review weekly vocabulary added to the rings of their blue binders. Enjoy reading all the stories we've read in class with your child. These stories reinforce our new weekly high frequency words, story words and phonetic patterns. Reading with your child daily will instill in them a true love and passion for reading. They will also become more fluent, confident readers.




     If your child is absent from school, he/she must bring in a note signed by a parent or guardian upon returning to school. All absences will be marked "unexcused" if a note is not sent to school. The same policy applies for early dismissals and tardiness.




    Parents or guardians visiting the school for any reason must report to the office upon arrival.




    A treat may be brought in for birthdays on the actual day or close to the birthday. Summer birthdays can be celebrated at the end of the year or a day that you and your child choose. The district is encouraging Healthy choices. If you choose to have a SWEET birthday treat, try to also provide a healthy alternative. Please try to provide individual portions so they can be served easier.  E-mail me ahead of time, and I will let you know the number of students in our class, and inform you of any food allergies.


    *I look forward to meeting you at Back to School Night on  September 13th @ 7pm


Last Modified on August 23, 2016