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    9th College Preparatory English
    Mark Twain defined a literary classic as "a book which people praise and don't read."
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    12th College Preparatory English
    This class will focus on the continued development of the literary analysis.  The literature will emphasize World literature, including additional American and British authors.  The reading for this school year may include but is not exclusive to Kite Runner, The Stranger, Night, Oedipus Rex, Hamlet, Things Fall Apart, The Illustrated Man, short stories, and poetry. The analysis of each piece of literature will culmulate in an individual or small group performance task and assessment. All accessments will include a writing element. In addition to the literature, a personal narrative, a close readin essay, an annotated bibliography for the APA formatted argumentative research paper, and the APA formated argumentative research paper will be assigned. In addition to the personal narrative, the close reading essay, annotated bibliography, and argumentative research paper, the students will write four informative/explanatory essays per semester and reflectively respond to a series of writing prompts.

    9th College Preparatory English
    This class will begin to develop the skills that are necessary for literary analysis. This course is considered a survey literature course as it does not focus on any one country or time period, but rather allows the student to peruse literature from around the world. The reading for this school year may include but is not exclusive to Fahrenheit 451, Anthem, Romeo and Juliet, Twelve Angry Men, To Kill a Mockingbird, short stories, and poetry. The analysis of each piece of literature will culmulate in an individual or small group performance task and assessment. All accessments will include a writing element. In addition to the literature units, the students will also discuss and practice their writing skills with a close reading essay; argumentative, persuasive, explanatory, and narrative essays; and reflective responses to a series of writing prompts.
    Class Information


    CANVAS is a District supported application where parents and students can access all of the materials that I teach in class. The CANVAS application can be found on the District website. Once access to the site is gained, both parent and student can view the current teaching module (unit) and materials being taught as well as teaching modules (units) and materials already taught. Powerpoints are also available on the website; however, prezis can only be accessed through prezi.com. Please feel free to make copies of these materials for your own reference.

    Within CANVAS, both parent and student can access homework assignments and due dates. 

    Grading Policy
    40%- Performance tasks and Performance Assessments- There will be a minimum of two assessment grades given per marking period.
    35%- Quizzes- There will be a minimum of two quiz grades given per marking period.
    25%- Classwork, Homework- There will be a minimum of two homework grades given per marking period.

    Home Access Center

    The Home Access Center or HAC can be accessed by parents and students to follow the progress of the student's grade throughout the school year. I urge you to use this opportunity to discuss with your child his/her progress in my class. 

    Make up Policy
    For every missed school day due to absence, there is one day given to make up missed work.  For missed quizzes and tests, the student must schedule a make-up date within the allotted time period for make-up work. Homework must be turned in upon return to school.
    Planned Absences
    If a student is scheduled to be absent from class due to a sporting event, extracurricular activity, field trip, or planned vacation, a soft copy of the assignment must be turned into the teacher's email or turnitin.com on or before the due date.
    Late Policy
    A performance task in the assessment category will be accepted up to five days late; all other work will be accepted up to three days late. For each late day, the grade will be deducted 10%. Late work will not be accepted beyond these days. If homework or classwork is gone over in class, late work will not be accepted unless the student was absent.
    Turnitin.com is a District approved site which aids the teacher with online grading and plagarism identification. Assigned essays or projects with written components need to be uploaded to the site by or on the assignments due date. The following information can be used to access the site:
    Enrollment Key: Snickers
    Class ID Number: Period 1- 18804026
                              Period 2- 18804044
                              Period 3- 18804058
                              Period 7- 18804067
                              Period 8- 18804081
                              Period 9- 18804100
    Discipline Code
    Infraction 1 - Discussion with teacher
    Infraction 2 - Teacher Discussion with parent or guardian
    Infraction 3 - Student Discussion with principal
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