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    Hello, and welcome to my webpage!
    My name is Ms. Long and I am a science teacher here at East.  I was a double science major in college and have my Bachelor's of Science degree from Dickinson College.  I also have my Master's of Arts in Teaching, Science Education from Shippensburg University. I am teaching Biology and General Science this year!
    I am an avid outdoor enthusiast; I love hiking, nature, and any activity that takes me outdoors. I have a love of science and hope to pass on a love of learning and a love of science to my students this year!
    I have a Biology Google Classroom and an Environmental Google Classroom that I keep assignments and links to activities on.  All of my students can access my Google Classroom pages from their school google accounts with a password. Parents and guardians, lease email me if you would like a link to access the Google Classsrooms as well.
    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at nlong@cdschools.org.
    Ms. Long 
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