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    Technology Education Mission Statement
    Technology is a body of knowledge separate from but related to the sciences, with specific content, curriculum and specific certification requirements. Technology is the application of tools, materials, processes and systems by humans to solve problems and provide benefits to mankind. The study of techology will require students to design, create, use, evaluate and modify technological systems to solve problems. By solving these problems, students will be given the unique opportunity to apply numerous academic concepts through practical hands-on application.

    What is Technology Education?

    Technology Education is human innovation in action. It involves the generation of knowledge and processes to develop systems that solve problems and extend human capabilities. It's goal is to provide technological literacy to all students, including all students who traditionally have not been served by technology programs.

    As a society, we are becoming increasingly dependant on technology. In order to become informed and responsible decision-makers, students must understand the ways in which technology may be used to change and control our environment, and it’s effect on humanity and the world. In order to understand technology education, we must establish “What exactly is technology?” Stemming from the Greek work “techne,” meaning art or craft, technology literally means the act of making or crafting. Broadly speaking, technology is how people modify the natural world to suit their own purposes. (www.teap-online.org)

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