Mrs. Burt

    Digital X


    In this class you will learn many aspects of Digital Technology. Use of digital tools is so much more than just texting and sending pictures to your friends. On any device you have unlimited knowledge right at your fingertips. If there is something you do not know, the answer is right in the palm of your hand. In this course you will learn some of the different aspects of what digital technology is, where it is used and when it is used. There will be projects and many hands on activities that will hopefully help you to realize how valuable these devices can be to your learning.

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    In the 6th grade Digital X class, students will learn some of the many aspects of Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, and Drawing. They will learn what these tools can do beyond just the basics to make their school time more rewarding. They will also learn how computers work, some of the history of computers that got us to where we are today, how to conduct better Google searches and the importance of good passwords.


  • The Digital X class for 7th and 8th grade is coding. Students will be learning the basics of animation using block coding (with the option of text coding) in 7th grade. They will create characters and program them to move around the screen.


    The Digital X class for 8th grade builds upon the animation movement learned in 7th grade and applies it to gaming. Students will create simple games.

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