•      WELCOME       
      MRS. BAYER
    Who would have thought that we would be in this crazy situation with schools and many other organizations shut down to prevent the spread of a virus?  But this is our reality.  I hope you are following the appropriate precautions to protect your health.    Most important, however, is for you and your family to stay healthy!  
    For all assignments during our quarantine period, please go to CANVAS for Announcements, Assignments, and Grades.  All work is being conducted through the CK-12 on-line platform.
    AN EXCELLENT WEBSITE FOR MATH HELP:   https://www.khanacademy.org/math/algebra
    Math Help Schedule   Ask Mrs. Bayer for a pass in order to sign out of study hall and attend Math Help.
    ~ All students in Algebra 1 should have a scientific calculator to use.  
    ~ Texas Instruments, TI-30XIIS or TI-34 Multi-View are recommended calculators. 

                                      TI-30X IIS          TI-34 MultiView

    ~ Cell phone calculators are not acceptable.  
    ~ If you are unable to obtain a scientific calculator, please talk to me as soon as possible.
    GO RAMS!
     CD RAM