• CDMS Activity Eligibility Guidelines

    The privilege to participate in extra-curricular activities is reserved for those students who are making satisfactory progress in their academic subjects and are showing proper respect for school rules and regulations.
    This privilege may be denied to any student for the following reasons:
    • Any serious breach of school rules and regulations as determined by the building principals.
    • Students issued 3 days of disciplinary consequences, which include after school detention, in school suspension, out of school suspension, or bus suspension within the marking period, will not be able to attend the marking period reward.

    • Central Dauphin School District's Middle/Senior High Schools follow the P.I.A.A. regulations regarding credits to be eligible for participation in games and scrimmages.  During marking periods, athletes must be passing four (4) credits or the equivalent.  This is checked each Friday and eligibility runs through Saturday (a period of eight days).

    Weekly Academic Ineligibility
    A student declared ineligible for academic or citizenship reasons will be excluded from extra-curricular activities until the deficiency has been removed.  Ineligible students will be identified on a weekly basis.  The ineligibility list is created and distributed each Friday.
    Report Card Ineligibility/Failure List
    After each report card period (9 weeks), students not passing four (4) credits at the end of a marking period are ineligible for games and scrimmages for fifteen (15) school days following the distribution of report cards.  These students will be placed on the 15-day PIAA Ineligibility List.  There is no removal process for this list.
    PLEASE NOTE: If a student athlete's name appears on any academic PIAA Ineligibility List, they may not compete in athletic contests (games), but may report for practices.
    Consequences for Violation of PIAA Ineligibility Policy
    • Athletic teams will forfeit contest, game or match to opposing school
    • Student will forfeit future school dance privileges
    • All students have signed a form the first week of school indicating they have received this policy in writing and will be responsible become acquainted with the policies and procedures, and to share it with parents/guardians.