MTSS stands for Multi-Tiered Systems of Support. MTSS is an instructional framework that includes universal screening of all students, multiple tiers of instruction and support services, and an integrated data collection and assessment system to inform decisions at each tier of instruction. The framework can be used for literacy, math, or positive behavior supports.


    Tri-Community Elementary MTSS Team

    Alexis Wertz- Principal

    Melissa Grady- Assistant Principal

    Alison Matusko- Data & Instruction Specialist

    Stephanie Baynham- Behavior Consultant

    Robin Edwards- Counselor

    Amy Hensel - School Psychologist

    Alexcia Wheeler- Speech and Language Teacher

    Kelly Kleindienst – Occupational Therapy Teacher

    Melanie Knoll - Reading Specialist

    Emily Brunie- Learning Support Teacher

    Micah Beaston - Social Worker

    Alexis Yakstis-Startoni - Special Education Supervisor

    Alanna McMullan- IU Consultant