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    Mr. Mark Britcher
    Central Dauphin High School
    9th Grade English, Journalism


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    I would like to take this opportunity to share with you a few of the highlights, expectations, and goals I have for your children in my 2017-2018 classes. These refer both to the school district English curriculum in general and my class in particular.

    In this class, your student will be expected to:

    • Read a great deal of literature- Students will read and analyze novels, short stories, and poems. My classes will be reading from the anthology Elements of Literature, and will read stories from authors such as Edgar Allen Poe and Guy De Maupassant, as well as novels, including To Kill a Mockingbird and Farenheit 451. Students will be guided in the basic tools of literary analysis that can be used throughout high school and college. We will be doing reading in class, but much of the reading will be done at home.
    • Grammar- Students will work on grammar using drills, examinations of both spectacular and poor writing, revision of their own work, and peer review.
    • Writing- The decline of the average American'a ability to express their thoughts in written form concerns me greatly. It is my goal that every student will significantly improve their writing during the course of this year. In particular, students will be instructed in the creation of a college-level essay, rather than standard book reports. MLA style, format, and citations will be necessary. Students will also learn the elements of fiction, and will be given chances to create examples of their own.
    Classroom Policies:
    • Homework/At Home Assignments- Many of our assignments will be done in class. However, there will be a considerable amount of work to be done outside of class. These assignments must be turned in ON TIME. Each out of class assignment contributes to the student's grade. A late assignment will be accepted for half credit if turned in the day after it is due. Major assignments will lost ten percentage points per day late. It is the student's responsibility to inquire about missed work if they are absent.
    • Grades- Grades are posted on the HAC on a regular basis. Grades are given as points, with major tests and papers being worth more points than reading quizzes, homework, and short writing assignments. Students can speak to me at any time if they are concerned about their grade. Papers will be graded based on the Pennsylvania Writing Rubric. Extra credit will be available to students who participate in class. If a student is willing to work hard for me, I will work with them. I do not take any pleasure in failing students.