Miss. Laura Kleindienst

  •                                                         Occupational Therapist at North Side Elementary School

    . Itinerant Rm. 4


    Contact Information: lkleindienst@cdschools.org


    What is Occupational Therapy?
    Occupational Therapists working in a school setting help students access educational services and to benefit from their special education program.
    The focus of OT is to remove any barriers that may impede the student's ability to complete school tasks.
    Did you know?
    -School based OT services for children ages 3-21 are defined by laws as "related services" and thus must support the specially designed instruction in the IEP.
    -Related services are provided only if required to help a child with a disability to benefit from his/her special education program.
    -A motor delay or medical diagnosis DOES NOT automatically indicate a need for school OT services. There must be an adverse impact on the child's performance or access to education.
    The Occupational Therapy Process:
    1. Referral to OT
    2. OT screen
    3. If indicated from the screen, an evaluation may occur, with parent permission.
    4. After the evaluation, the OT will determine if the student qualifies for services.
Last Modified on August 31, 2018