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     Welcome to General Music with Mr. Stevens! (CYCLE DAY 3, PM)
    Mr. Stevens has the following classes: Flythe, Lopez, Williams, Lontz; all other classes have Mrs. Lee. ( )

    Throughout the schoolyear, General Music classes will experience music in a variety of exciting ways! Students will explore:

           *Vocal / Instrumental performance techniques

    *Basic notation reading (Pitch & Rhythm)

    *Traditional repertoire

    *Varied styles & genres of Music

    *World / Multicultural Music


    *Music History

    *Music arrangement & composition

    Music is a fascinating world with broad horizons; it is a critical area of the arts that has helped to unite communities and cultures throughout history.
    Students will learn that they can participate in and enjoy many different activities, building musical skills that will serve them through their entire lives.
    We will work together to build a foundation that allows each student to develop their musical interests, goals, and base of knowledge.

    In 4th and 5th Grade, students at Mountain View Elementary School are able to participate in Band, Chorus and Orchestra!
    To contact the staff responsible for each ensemble, please use the following e-mail addresses:

    Chorus   CHORUS: Mrs. Lee

    Band BAND: Mrs. Topping
                               Orchestra ORCHESTRA: Mrs. Thompson



    If you have any other questions, please feel free to e-mail Mr. Stevens at:

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