Welcome to Room 4!

  • What we have been learning...

    Science: For the last two weeks we have been learning about watersheds and wetlands. We started out filling out a KWL chart in which we filled out what we already knew about watersheds and wetlands. Then we asked questions that we wanted to find out about these weather systems. Lastly, we did experiments, watched short videos, read articles and discussed how we as humans affected these weathers systems and how we can help keep them healthy by keep our water clean and not polluting it. 

    ELA: The last two weeks we have been learning about using schema (background knowledge) and text evidence to help us make inferences. I read out loud Thank you, Mr. Falkner (one student not only liked this book, but LOVED it)  to help students practice making inferences. 

    Math: We have been learning different strategies to help us add and subtract whole numbers up to 1,000. We have also been working on word problems daily.

    Grammar: Last week worked on identifying and using pronouns in our writing

    Writing: Informational Essay

    What we will be learning...


    Science: Weather and Climate

    ELA: Text Features

    Math: Multiplication ** I will be sending home flash cards in the next few weeks for students to be practicing at home

    Grammar: Irregular Plural nouns

    Writing: Informational essay



Last Modified on October 8, 2018