• Mr. Patrick McCormack
    Department of Social Studies

    Central Dauphin High School

    717-703-5360 x 116

    If you are looking for assignments (especially while absent), please follow all instructions on CANVAS.

    Instructor’s Expectations: 


                Students will conform with the Code of Conduct and all other CDHS rules.
                Students will conduct themselves in a mature and respectful manner at all times.

                Students will actively participate in classroom discussions.

                Students will come to class prepared for each day’s lesson.

                Students will comply with all deadlines for submitting assignments.

                Students will carry their note-taking materials each day.

                Students will consume neither food nor drink during class.

                Students will not use electronic devices unless specifically authorized to do so.

    Grading:  Students’ final grades are calculated according to the district's secondary social studies grading protocol.
    Academic Dishonesty:
              Academic dishonesty of any sort (cheating on a test, plagiarism of a paper, etc.) will not be tolerated.  Students caught committing an act of academic dishonesty will receive a score of "0" for that particular assignment.
    Collaborative Work:  Students will occasionally have opportunities to work together in groups.  In such cases all resulting work must reflect the individual contributions of every member of the group.  Failure to participate and attempting to share the credit earned by other students is another form of academic dishonesty.
Last Modified on August 10, 2022