Miss Faircloth's Art Room- Day 2 PM

  • Welcome to another wonderful year in the elementary art room!!! I am so excited to be your new art teacher and can not wait for all of the projects we have in store. I will be using this page as a Middle Paxton Preview Gallery- where you will be able to see example projects from each grade by some of my young artists. 

    Throughout the elementary art curriculum, a variety of artists will be covered and students will be exposed to many experiences with all materials while learning many age appropriate skills. We look forward to meeting famous artists, visiting countries, and experiencing cultures around the world and throughout time!

    As a friendly reminder to ALL of my students and their families, please wear appropriate art attire. Art shirts will NOT be provided. Please wear clothing that can get messy. I do try and purchase products that are washable but sometimes messes and stain are unavoidable! 

Last Modified on August 23, 2019