• Darlene Basehore
    C.D. High Spanish Teacher
    Patio de los leones - La Alhambra
    Granada, España
    I studied in Granada!!!
    Contact Information:
    703-5360 ext. 203 
    I will be using the Remind App. again this year.  Here is how to sign up:
    Spanish I: Text @mrsbaseho to 81010
    Spanish II: Text @f71b24 to 81010
    Spanish III: Text @mrsbasehor to 81010
    I sometimes attach notes & worksheets to the Remind text, so POR FAVOR, SIGN UP!!!
    If I forget to send out a Remind, but you were told in class, it is still your responsibility to do the work. 
    If you are absent, you can also find out what you owe by checking HAC.
    If you are doing your work in my class and your homework and you need extra help, I will stay after school with you any day except for the 1st & 3rd Wed. of the month, because of meetings. Always check with me first, either the day before or the day that you want to stay, to make certain that I don't have a doctor's appointment or some other emergency.  Also, I have study hall Per.3, lunch Per.6 and my preparation time during Per.7. If you are available, I may be able to help during those times too. Just make certain to check with me in advance.
    Professional Information:
    H.S. - Northern Lebanon
    B.A. Spanish - Lebanon Valley College
    1st Semester Senior Year - Universidad de Granada
    M.A. Spanish - Millersville University
    34 years teaching Spanish in the Central Dauphin School District
    East High Spanish Teacher for 24 years
    C.D. High Spanish Teacher starting in '09
    '19-'20 Courses:
    Spanish III
    Here are some helpful websites:
    I am hoping to use more technology.  I will let the students know when to go to Google Class to access any assignments or notes or to upload an assignment.  A lot of times I just attach the information to Remind.  I would also like to have students submit small videos for me to grade.
    Spanish III Per. 1 -   qi2zyxx
    Spanish III Per. 2 -  eue4rhe
    Spanish III Per. 4 -  lwrglgt
    Spanish III Per. 5 -  tli4hoq
    Spanish III Per. 8 -  a5g5ems
    Spanish III Per. 9 -  oousjcy
    There is more information on the Classroom Procedures page, which is also on the handout from the beginning of the school yesr.
    I am also the Spanish Club Advisor.  I have not decided when and where we will be holding our first meeting.  Last year there was very poor attendance, after the 1st two meetings, so we stopped having them. I will be checking with my classes to see if there is any interest in having the club this year.