Meet Dr. Wertz!

Dr. Wertz
  • Tri-C Tribe,

    Welcome to Tri-C! My name is Alexis Wertz and I am your principal.  I started at Tri-C in July 2018 and I am proud of the progress we have made as a school community – both academically and behaviorally.  Our students, teachers, and families have all been dedicated to hard work and helping students grow their brains.

    Our vision at Tri-C is to build a community where diversity is valued.  Students are encouraged to become problem solvers and lifelong learners by developing healthy and meaningful relationships in a safe environment.

    To help us achieve our vision, we have three goals:

    • Continue to create safe, welcoming, classroom communities
    • Increase student achievement through small group and differentiated instruction
    • Increase opportunities for parent and community involvement

    To achieve our goals we have built our master schedule around ensuring all students receive core instruction in Reading, Writing, Math, Science and Social Studies as well as small group instruction in reading and math.  We also have monthly behavior incentives for students earning tickets by showing the “Tri-C 3” (Responsible, Respectful, & Safe)! 

    Be on the lookout for monthly newsletters with upcoming events and things to work on at home.  We will send things home on paper, but ensuring you receive emails is the best way to stay current and in the loop.  If you are not receiving emails from me, please call the main office so they can help you get set up!

    Looking forward to continued growth and a great school year!


    Dr. Wertz