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    Welcome to Schuit's Health Website!
    Health Students:
    Look for Assignments, Powerpoints and Review Guides in the links
    on the right of your screen.
    Some assignments will also be posted on Google Classroom.
    Please login to the appropriate Google Classroom code to 
    access the most updated information and assignments.

    Google Codes: Schuit’s Health Classes

    1st Odd- 55oxwi

    2nd Odd- p9tl5x

    5th Odd- u9jkiv3

    8th Odd- w8cl8fx

    1st Even- ebndrnk

    2nd Even- s3bja7

    5th Even- 4rt5j

    8th Even- uavqfh

    Contact Information:
    Nancy Schuit, Ph.D.
    437 Piketown Rd.
    Harrisburg, PA 17112
    (717)703-5360 ext. 456
Last Modified on July 11, 2018