The Panther Podcast


    During Swatara's Wednesday Activity Club period, students in grades 6-8 write, record, and edit a bi-monthly podcast. 


    The content of each episode is decided upon by Podcast Club members during the planning phase. 


    Check back often for new episodes!

  • Panther Podcast - Episode 2

    by Swatara MS Podcast Club Length: 1:51

    Episode 2 can also be found on SoundCloud by clicking on the link. 


    In this episode:

    Segment 1: Worst Christmas Gifts by Youssef & Caden

    Segment 2: Koolaid vs. Capri Sun by David & Evon

    Segment 3: Best Types of Pig by Owen

    Segment 4: Something by Jacob

    Podcast Moderators: Youssef & Caden

    Editing by: Youssef & Caden

    Storytelling by: Youssef, Caden, David, Evon, Owen & Jacob 

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  • Panther Podcast - Episode 1

    by The Podcast Club Length: 4:56

    In this Episode:


    Segment 1: The Best Chicken by Youssef & Caden

    Segment 2: The Best and Worst Parts of Skipping Class by Myleigh

    Segment 3: Weird Girls in Hats by Jordan

    Segment 4: The Age Old Question Answered by Yahil & Jacob

    Segment 5: My Strange Addiction by David & Evon


    Podcast moderators: Youssef & Caden

    Editing by: Youssef

    Storytelling by: Youssef, Caden, Myleight, Jordan, Yahil, Jacob, David & Evon 

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