Welcome to Room 210!

  • Miss Hartwick's 3rd Grade 

Welcome to Miss Hartwick's 3rd Grade

    Special Schedule 

    We are split into groups for specials this year specific information will be sent home the first day of school. 


    Day 1:

    Group A (art)

    Group B (music)

    Group C (computer lab)


    Day 2:

    Group A (computer lab)

    Group B (art)

    Group C (music)


    Day 3:

    Group A (music)

    Group B (library)

    Group C (gym)


    Day 4:

    Group A (gym)

    Group B (computer lab)

    Group C (library)


    Day 5:

    Group A (library)

    Group B (gym)

    Group C (art)


    Lunch (11:25-11:55)

    Recess (1:15- 1:45) 



    Phone: 561-1990 ext. 86210

    Email: lhartwick@cdschools.org 





Welcome to Third Grade
  • Upcoming Events 

    First Day of School August 30

    No School Labor Day- Monday September 6

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