Welcome to Mr. Wise's Web Page

    437 Piketown Rd.

    Harrisburg, PA 17112

    703-5360 ext 170

    e-mail: jwise@cdschools.org


    Course Resources: All course related materials are housed on my canvas pages

    You will need to visit the school's Canvas online content by using a district log in. If you are a parent of a Canvas student, you can create your own login by visiting the Canvas log in screen and selecting the "Parent of a Canvas User" link in the upper right corner. You will need to know your child's log in credentials for first-time access in order to create your own log in. Follow the online instructions to create your access. More information about Canvas can be found in the Parent Portal at cdschools.org. For direct access to Canvas, click HERE          

    Absences: If you happen to miss class or know that you will miss class in advance, please follow our weekly agenda on canvas, watch any videos, and complete any assignments.

Last Modified on August 23, 2023