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    “Doing what is best for Kids!”

    CDSD Mission Statement

    •  Central Dauphin, a uniquely diverse school district, ensures all students a challenging and dynamic curriculum that prepares them to succeed in a changing, global society by inspiring lifelong learning in a caring, collaborative community.

    Vision and Mission

    •  Invest in your Future: Provide all students with challenging learning experiences in a safe and welcoming environment, which will help students achieve their full academic and social potential and prepare them for success in high school.

    Learning Experiences

    • Teachers and staff will provide relevant, engaging, instruction, which incorporates problem solving and solution creating opportunities for students with real world application within the framework of the curriculum.

    Safe & Welcoming Environment

    • Clear guidelines and expectations for student and staff conduct and behavior in the classrooms and building. 
    • Provide a safe, secure and clean physical facility.

    Student Academics

    • Laying out clear expectations for student success in class for assignments, exams and grades.
    • Challenging students to give their best efforts in class every day.
    • Identifying at risk students in classes and providing extra supports, which includes students with classifications and those without.
    • Using Data to determine student weaknesses in Math & Language Arts. 
    • Ensuring students are fulfilling benchmark, diagnostic and state testing mandates with fidelity.

    Student Social

    • Building student character and accountability. 
    • Providing students with resources and opportunities to learn and practice good health and wellness.
    • Developing personal connections with students and checking on their well-being 
    • Creating fun and engaging activities for students to increase student morale and school climate.