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    Due to our unusual situation again this year, we will have the option of continuing education during inclement weather by utilizing remote learning days through our current instructional time template approved through the PA Department of Education. 

    Student participation is required for a successful inclement weather remote day. By continuing education during these weather emergencies, it will allow us to preserve our vacation days as scheduled while keeping instruction moving forward. Again, please pay close attention to announcements during inclement weather for instructions on how the day will be conducted.

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  • Will every snow day, or other weather emergency day, be used for remote learning?

  • How will families find out when a remote learning day is being instituted?

  • How will instruction occur during a remote learning day?

  • What will instruction look like during a weather emergency day?

  • What if students are unable to attend live lessons during a weather emergency due to power outages or other extenuating circumstances?

Last Modified on August 31, 2021