The Central Dauphin School District has been approved to participate in the Pennsylvania Department of Education's Flexible Instructional Day Program (FID). The program allows us to utilize up to five weather or school emergency days as FID days to count towards our required 180 instructional days. 

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  • - What is a Flexible Instructional Day (FID)?

  • - How will families find out when a FID is being instituted?

  • - How will parents and students find the FID learning activities and assignments?

  • - Will attendance be taken during the FID?

  • - If I am marked absent for the FID, do I still need to complete the work?

  • - How will assignments be completed?

  • - Will students have assignments for all subjects during a FID?

  • - How long will it take to complete the assignments?

  • - It is often hard to predict when a weather or building emergency will occur. Will assignments reflect current classroom topics?

  • - What if I am unable to complete all assignments due to weather emergency demands, but was able to check in for attendance?

  • - What if I need help from my teacher or specialist?

  • - Will the district continue to build make-up dates into the school calendar?

Last Modified on October 22, 2020