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    Our Cyber Academy Middle School Framework:

    Our CDSD Cyber Academy Middle School staff is committed to:

    • Providing a high-quality educational option for our CDSD Middle School Students & Families

    • Using a blended model of synchronous and high quality asynchronous instruction 

    • Providing an alligned curriculum with the same state standards, rigor, and pacing as our in-person model

    • Focusing on a single group of students and providing the very best individualized educational experience because there is a definitive distinction between meeting the needs of our totally remote learners and our in-person students

    • Working with each individual student’s executive functioning strengths and struggles

    • Personalizing the learning paths of our students with diferientiated pacing 

    • Providing our famlies continuous feedback of their child’s progress

    • Using a single learning management system, Canvas, for our students to access all academic resources and instruction

    • Following all IEP, GIEP, and 504 accommodations with enthusiastic fidelity 

    • Pairinging each student with a Mentor teacher and who will meet with them each day during their 20 minute Morning Meeting time

    • Providing instructional materials to all students which can be picked up at their home building

    • Providing a direct connection to our personalized, high quality Social Emotional instruction, programing, and support with a caring and invested CDSD staff member

    • Providing a Chromebook and Wifi if needed

    Applications will soon be available for the 2021-2022 school year! Enrollment Application