About the Art Department




    Visual Art Philosophy
    Art is human expression in visual form.  It has been, is and always will be the means by which each culture records, expresses, and interprets the world around it.  Art is a visual form of communication that addresses the physical, emotional, social and intellectual needs of our students, It promotes self-awareness, self-expression and well-being.  Art presents opportunities to develop the higher levels of thought.  It offers unique, creative experiences that help to build self-esteem.  It fosters the recognition and appreciation of all individuals and all cultures.

    East High Art Staff

    George DeMartyn III

    Email Address: GDemartyn@cdschools.org

    Alexis Salvio
    Email Address: Asalvio@cdschools.org
    Kate Searfoss
    Email Address:  Ksearfoss@cdschools.org 
    Dave Sells
    Email Address: DSells@cdschools.org

    Courses offered are as follows:
         9th Grade Explorations in Art
         Drawing and Painting I
         Drawing and Painting II
         Drawing and Painting III
         Drawing and Painting III (Double-Period)
         Three-Dimensional Art I
         Three-Dimensional Art II
         Three-Dimensional Art II (Double-Period)
         Three-Dimensional Art III (Double-Period)
         Photography I
         Photography II
         Advanced Creative Studies
    Our Art Facilities

    Drawing and Painting Studios
    Art3   Art2
    Art 3                                                                           Art 2
    Three-Dimensional Art Studio - Foundry, Welding, Woodwork, and Ceramics
    Art 1
    Art 1

    Additional Studio primarily used for Intro to Art and Drawing and Painting
    ART 123
                                                                          ART 123

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