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    Each course follows the same curriculum but each teacher will teach the course in the manner they feel is best for their class of students.  We want to adapt our classes to meet the needs of the students in our room.  Please visit your son or daughter's teacher's Canvas page to find the exact materials being used in their class.


    Meet the teachers:

    Mr. Hansell (Room 233)

    Ms. Holland (Room 232)          

    Ms. DeProspero (Room 231)         

    Mrs. Townsend (Room 229)

    Mrs. Zilbering (Room 228)             

    Mrs. Burns (Room 227)

    Mr. St. Clair  (Room 226)               

    Miss Marsh (Room 225)

    Mrs. Miller (Room 224) 

    Ms. Wright (Room 217)                

    Ms.  Hickerson (Room 222)                  

    Dr. Neopaney (Room 216)

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