Central Dauphin East
    High School Choirs

    The CDEHS Choral Program
    emphasizes the enrichment of young musicians
    within the choral art
    through discipline, experience, and perseverance
    with the intent to expand on
    our students' musical interests and abilities.

    (Concerts start at 7:00 in the CDEHS Auditorium unless noted.) 

    26 October 2021 – Night on Broadway @ 7:00pm

    14 December 2021 – Choral Holiday Concert @ 7:00pm

    09 February 2022 – Pops Concert @ 7:00pm 

    26 February 2022 – CDSD Honors Choir (rehearsal begins at 9am, concert at 3:00pm)

    21 April 2022 - Spring Choral Concert @ 7:00pm

    06 June 2022 – Graduation @ 7:30pm



    See you there!
    2021/22 Student Leadership: 
    President - Cheyleigh Hykes
    Vice President - Aubrie Thomas
    Secretary - Zaria Carter
    Librarian - Molly Klose
    Select Women's Ensemble:
    President - Rachel Pronesti
    Vice President - Lauren Aurience
    Secretary - Amber Martin
    Librarian - Madier Heng
    Section Leaders: 
    Sopranos - Cheyleigh Hykes
    Altos - Adria McGarry
    Tenor/Bass - Kyle Hallam & Joseph Shafstall
    Select Women's Ensmeble:
    Soprano 1 - Meg Givler
    Soprano 2 - Lauren Aurience
    Alto - Rachel Pronesti

    Dress Code for concerts:

           Gentlemen and Ladies: Black Shirts with black dress pants 

    no jeans or khakis

    Ladies: leggings are not pants. It is appropriate to wear them with a dress or skirt                      

            Dress Shoes. No sneakers or flip flops

    Ladies: If you choose to wear a skirt it must be all black and knee length or lower 

            For the good of the entire choir on stage, please do not wear any strong scented perfume or cologne