• Central Dauphin East High School Students,

    This year we are doing course selection through Google Classrooms. To complete this process, students must do the following:

    • You must use the course code for your current grade to register for your grade level course selection.
    • After registering for the class, access your course selection by doing the following:
      • Click “Classwork” tab
      • Under “Select Your Courses” click “2021-2022 Course Selection”
    • You must use the Google Form to select your classes for the upcoming year. The form will require you to make selections.
    • All students will have to take 12 semesters next year, except for Seniors. Seniors can take 10 semesters.
    • You must also pick alternate selections.

    Course Selection Class Code Information

    Students can access Google Classroom at https://classroom.google.com/a/cdschools.org . Once logged in, click the “+”, select “Join Class” and enter the current grade level class code below:

    • Current 9th Grade Course Selection Class Code: sikgbcg
    • Current 10th Grade Course Selection Class Code: i3qtons
    • Current 11th Grade Course Selection Class Code: oj27fsg


    Please view the “Course Selection Resources” on the Google Classroom. Resources include the Course Selection Reference Sheet (course options for grade level), Academic Planning Guide (course descriptions), Frequently Asked Questions sheet, and more.

    Important Dates & Deadlines

    • Course Selection Sheets Distributed April 7th
    • Course Selection Day                         April 12th
    • Course Selection Window Closed April 16th
    • Last Day to Change Selections June 1st

    Counselors Information

    If you need to reach your counselor, please email them.


    Student assignments by last name


    Mrs. Di Santo

    A - C


    Mrs. Gardiner

    D - G


    Mr. Bubnis

    H - Ma


    Mrs. Schorn


    Mb - R


    Ms. James

    S - Z