The Student Assistance Program is a way to help students who are having school-related problems because of alcohol and/or drug use, and/or who are at risk of suicide and other mental health problems.  It is also a method for intervening and referring these students to appropriate community services.  It is an intervention, not a treatment program.

    Promoting Awareness, Wellness & Success

     The PAWS team are CDSD employees committed to providing students with the maximum learning experience. We recognize that students cannot reach their potential if they are troubled with personal problems. In response to dealing with student problems in our school, we have been trained in the Student Assistance Program and formed the PAWS team. We are here to process referrals by collecting information from staff, arranging screenings with the community liaisons, and mentoring or monitoring students while they receive services to help them. We do not diagnose, treat, or refer your child for treatment.  We will provide you with information and you make the choice(s) that best fit your needs and wishes.  As the parent/guardian, you are an important part of the team. 



  • SAP

    Anyone can refer a student to PAWS when they are concerned about someone’s behavior: any school staff, a student’s friend, a family member or community member. The students themselves can even go directly to a PAWS team member to ask for help. The PAWS team then contacts the parent for permission to proceed with the SAP process.

Last Modified on November 4, 2020