Welcome to Mr. Eckel's Spanish website.
     This is my schedule for the 2022-2023 school year:
    Period 1 - Prep
    Period 2 - Spanish I
    Period 3 - Lunch
    Period 4 - Spanish I
    Period 5 - Spanish I
    Period 6 - Spanish II
    Period 7 - Spanish I
    Helpful Apps & Websites:
    CANVAS - Learning Management System
    Home Access Center - Up-to-date Grades
    Quizlet for flashcards and vocabulary self quizzes.
    conjuguemos.com  for practicing verb conjugations
    www.SenorWooly.com for learning Spanish from a musical approach.  
    http://www.classzone.com/ is the site where you can view the online textbook, as well as audio flashcards, games, quizzes and  practice activities.
    To contact me, please email me: deckel@cdschools.org.
Last Modified on October 10, 2022