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    Name: Matthew Miloszewski
    Email Address: mmiloszewski@cdschools.org
    Phone number: Phone (717) 541-1662 x491

    Welcome to Mr. Miloszewski's gifted website. Students in the gifted program are encouraged to complete an independent study.


    Identified gifted students have the opportunity to selectand participate in an independent study each school year. The course is worth.5 credits. Students agree to work on an independent study for an average of atleast two hours per cycle and meet with the instructor at negotiated contract times to document all work. The independent study must stress higher order thinking and/or creativity. All of the independent studies must receive parentand instructor approval. An active GIEP is required.

    Mr. Miloszewski will be at East Middle School every day for period 1 and at East High School the remainder of the school day.


    The best way to reach Mr. Miloszewski is via email. The best time to call Mr. Miloszewski is any day after noon.

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Last Modified on July 9, 2018