• Mr. Schaefer
    Three Dimension Art
    717-541-1662  x482

    Pottery by $chaef


    My classes/expectations:

    3D Course Description & Syllabus


    Course Description:  Students will investigate Three Dimensional form and function. Students will be challenged with problem solving and are expected to define and utilize 3D forms while experimenting with color, texture, and symbolism.  


    Course Objectives:

    1. Art production- demonstrate sculpture techniques and be able to explain choices of media and skill.

    2. Art aesthetics- focus on the nature and value of art in terms of masterworks, commercial, and their own.

    3. Art Criticism- participate in class critiques, describe, analyze, and interpret the work of famous arts, peers, and personal work.

    4. Safety- demonstrate effective use of tools, materials, and equipment.



    • Project handouts/goals:  At the beginning of each major lesson/project, students will be given project requirements in written form or described on the white board.  They will be given a handout explaining goals and expectations of project.  Students are responsible for keeping the handout for reference. Point values for each project requirement will be noted.  Most major assignments are 100 points.  
    • Class participation:  Each student begins each week with 10 points.  If they do not work or decide to socialize, they will be deducted 2 points per class period and 4 points for a double period.   
    • Attendance is crucial for success in any classroom especially in the art studio.   If students spend time in ISS or out of class they will lose out on time to work on projects during class.  This normally means a lower grade.


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