Western Civilization and World Culture students:
    Please make sure you check the Weekly Assignment files to learn what we will be doing each day.  Remember, if you are going to miss the class, please e-mail me, and I will send (via e-mail) any worksheets or study guides you need to complete. tcarley@cdschools.org
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    Welcome to my website. 
     I have found that a very effective way to communicate
    with students and parents is through the Internet. 
    If you have an e-mail address, please send it to my attention and I will contact you, when appropriate.
    The following are a couple rules, I want to make sure students are aware of:

    1. No unauthorized use of cell phones, Food, Water, IPODS, or other Electronic Devices.  Get caught, and the following will occur:


    --- Cell Phone/Electronics --- You will lose 5 points from “Class Participation Grade” for each daily offense.  If you need to use your cell phone or electronic device (like maybe just turning it off in the beginning of class) --- ask me, I will say yes.  Texting during class is the new, major problem.


    --- Food/Candy/Water --- I can handle candy wrappers and will ask students to throw away their trash, but food like chips, any meals or food from the cafeteria is not permitted.  Please eat it before entering the room.  You will lose 5 points from “Class Participation Grade” for each daily offense. 

    Parents, if you have any concerns, please let me know now, so the year will go smooth!