• Mrs. Dunkle
    10th Grade College Prep English
    10th Grade Honors English
    Central Dauphin East High School
    Phone: 717-541-1662 xt 133
    Homework Hotline: 717-541-1662 xt 133
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    LINK: District Grading Policy - specific to how it will be applied in Mrs. Dunkle's English classes.
    General Classroom announcements
    • Purchase a flash drive to help students transport work between home and school.  In class we will be using technology and it is a good way to make sure their work gets saved.
    • Purchase sticky notes.  While reading novels this is a good way for students to place notes in areas we discuss so they can reference them later.  Especially since they can't highlight in the books.
    Websites of Interest
    Essential site for essay submissions:
    These sites have interesting information about the direction of education and essential skills for students to have for the 21st century workplace.
    "You don't have to burn books to destroy a culture.  Just get people to stop reading them."
                                                       -Ray Bradbury