•  Hope Nace
    Learning Support Reading Teacher
    Reading Specialist
    CD East High School, Room 239
    Telephone number: (717) 541-1662 ext. 239
    Homework Hotline: (717)541-1662 ext. 1239
    Reading Program: Read 180 - periods 1/2, 3/4, and 8/9

    Read 180 is an intensive reading intervention program designed to meet the needs of students whose reading achievement is below the proficient level.  The program directly addresses individual needs through adaptive and instructional software, high-interest literature, and direct instruction in reading and writing skills.  The program starts with whole-group instruction; then breaks into three small groups that rotate from small-group instruction, to instructional software, to modeled and independent reading; and ends in a whole-group wrap-up instruction.

    Read 180 includes SRI (Scholastic Reading Inventory), the computer-based reading comprehension test for grades k-12 that assesses reading level and provides a Lexile® score for every student.  With SRI, you can easily measure reading progress throughout the year and guide students to books that will stimulate reading growth.      

    Read 180 system includes a Scholastic Achievement Manager which will allow for detailed tracking of student progress and will continually inform teachers of the needs and growth of each student.