• Life Skills Support Grades 11th-12th (Ages 18-21) Students are taught skills required for independent living after graduation from high school.   Instructional emphasis is placed on students being able to self-advocate in order to successfully perform daily living, vocational, leisure/recreational, self-help, social, and functional academic tasks required for them to live with dignity and respect within the community.  Students are also assisted with meeting any transitional needs and concerns prior to graduation, being given contact information with service providers as applicable in collaberation with the Community-Based Work Experience Program. Classroom 114 Mrs. Jennifer L. Nolt (Teacher) Mrs. Mary Lynn Moyer (Paraprofessional) Mrs. Suzanne Reilly (Paraprofessional) Contact Information: jnolt@cdschools.org (717) 541-1662 ext. 114 *ATTENTION--Parents/Guardians, Service Providers, and Students:  Please check Miss Nolt's Monthly Schedule of Events to keep track of upcoming Community-Based Instructional Trips, non-paid work days, transition lab(s), and school-wide happenings.  Important information will be posted pertaining to trip requirements as applicable. 
Last Modified on January 7, 2016