Work Permit Information

  • Updated August 2017
    On October 24, 2012 changes were made to PA’s existing Child Labor Law.  You can access the new Child Labor Act and an Abstract of the Child Labor Act hours Provisions on the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry’s website at:
    1. Under the new Child Labor Law, neither the employer nor a physician will need to sign an application for a work permit. The new law does require that an applicant’s parents or legal guardian sign an application for a work permit. In lieu of a signature by a parent or legal guardian, the applicant can sign a statement before a notary public attesting to the accuracy of facts in the application on a form prescribed by the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry. The statement must be attached to the application. This requirement does not apply if the applicant can show official proof of high school graduation.

    2. PDE is currently in the process of arranging for the mass production of the new Application For Work Permit and the Work Permit forms that are to be utilized by issuing officers or designee. To immediately implement the new process the forms are attached. The Application for Work Permit is intentionally blank and the Work Permit, by law, must be “wallet size” and the attached Work Permit can be copied front to back.

    3. Although not specifically addressed in the new law, minors who currently possess a valid work permit may continue to utilize that permit to work. Minors, who possess a vacation (yellow) certificate and desire to work for another employer, may obtain a new work permit from the issuing officer in their school district. All minors who possess either an old or new work permit must follow the new rules regarding employment.

    4. Only one work permit rather than three will be used which will apply to all minors age 14 through 17 and can be used for more than one employer. This work permit must be signed in the presence of the issuing officer. The issuing officer cannot issue a work permit until they have examined and verified the following papers which verify age: an official document of the Commonwealth or if not an official Commonwealth document, an attested transcript of a birth certificate, a certified baptismal certificate, a passport, a certified documentary record, or the signed statement of a physician stating that after examination they believe the minor to be of proper age. Minors who can demonstrate official proof of high school graduation do not have to appear before the issuing officer.

    5. An issuing officer may deny a work permit if the applicant cannot maintain adequate academic achievement if permitted to work during the school year. Similarly, an issuing officer may revoke a work permit if in their their judgment the minor cannot maintain adequate academic achievement if permitted to work during the school year.

    6. Within five days, employers must notify the issuing officer of the normal duties and hours of employment of a minor and also, within five days, notify the issuing officer of a termination of employment. Employers are also required to maintain a copy of the minor’s work permit.