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    The Orange Team teachers would like to give a shout out to the following students. During these unprecedented times, when we are all faced with varying degrees of change, these students have been working very hard in their online classrooms. We wanted to make sure their hard work and dedication to their education does not go unnoticed. Each teacher has chosen one student from each of their classes that have demonstrated an awesome degree of participation and work ethic in their classes. Congratulations !!!!



                                Mr. Fisher                                                                                           

    A Block- Alante Caceras, Prasant Pradham, Lilly Conrad, Zayden Saez and Evelyn Ondo                    

    B Block- Ava Burgos, Amaree Ritter, Eily Dunkle, Eden McPherson, Erik Moyer, and Yesha Patel                                   

    C Block  - Lilly Conrad, Nyima Kijera, Jayden Barber, Sabhya Chhetri, Alan Long, and Maliyah Grier                                               


                                Mr. Rothrock                                                                                     

    A Block - Ryder Granger, Stessy Gustave, and Ederliz Pena                                                                            

    B Block- Aleeyah Burnett, Luke Hawes, Adrienne Hubert, Prasant Pradham, and Zephani Thomas                                               

    C Block  - Jaire Broden-Mauldin, Miles Davenport, Kayla Jackson, Ivy McKenna, Gaby Paul, and Adriana Pichardo                                                                  


                                Ms. Thornburg                                                                                  

    A Block- I’Lyiya Givens, Arica Holmes, Suhan Gurong, and Daniel Mayberry                                                                           

    B Block  - Nathan Jackson, Alan Long, Jadalis Rawls, Tamara Rivera                                                                             

    C Block- Stessy Gustave, Ava Burgos, Khi’Ron Henderson, and Prem Dangal                                                                          



                                Mr. Ferguson

    A Block- Sabhya Chhetri and Alyson Wolgamuth

    B Block- Marcelo Burton, Riley Warner and Maliyah Grier

    C Block-Kyle Taylor and Isaiah Rosario


                                Ms. Byers

    A Block- Grays Pagen Torres

    B Block- Lilly Conrad

    C Block- Amaree Ritter


                                Ms. Riethmiller

    A Block- Jayleen Delgado and Bandana Sharma

    B Block- Ryder Granger and Brandon Mills

    C Block- Jaylen Franklin


                                Ms. Thomas

    A Block- Laila Danladi

    B Block-  Remiya Donald, Jaylen Franklin, Sunkota Martinez

    C Block- Angelica Escamilla, Arianne Mings, Adrian Campuzano



    Orange Team:  

    Mrs. Thornburg - Room 126 - lthornburg@cdschools.org

    Mr. Fisher - Room 128 - mfisher@cdschools.org

    Mr. Rothrock - Room 130 - rrothrockv@cdschools.org

    Mr. Ferguson - Room 131 - zferugson@cdschools.org

    Mrs. Byers - Room 115 - bbyers@cdschools.org 

    Mrs. Thomas - Room 118 - jethomas@cdschools.org 

Last Modified on June 1, 2020