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    Week of May 4 - 8, 2020


    Grubb:  Watch mini lessons as needed after Zoom class lesson, complete worksheets in assignments unless otherwise noted. See Canvas for your classes Zoom time



    1. Biodiversity Terms Review - A short video and a quick, easy assignment.  I encourage the students to complete this one first.  
    2. The Lorax - Students should watch my short video to explain the assignment. Then they should use the link to view the original half-hour TV show, NOT the full length movie.  Finally, they should complete The Lorax assignment. 

    I encourage all students to join the Thursday Zoom meeting at 11 am, especially if they have questions about the assignments.

    Students should watch the Instructional Video uploaded to their respective google classrooms, watch the voiced-over PowerPoint, and then the video.  Then there are two assignments uploaded, questions are on two separate worksheets.  

    Language Arts

    Thorwart and Helder: Tall Tales lesson part 2 “John Henry” and “Calamity Jane”

    Watch video lesson and review the Google slides. Read “John Henry” and “Calamity Jane.” Answer the questions on John Henry and take the Tall Tales check up.

    Academic Literacy: 


    Log into Google classroom

    1.)Watch The Story of Newspaper Youtube Video

    2.) Complete the News Survey in Google Forms- make sure you put your name!

    3.) Listen and watch the Newspaper Scavenger Hunt Directions

    4.) Complete the Newspaper Scavenger Hunt and submit via Google classrooms


    Whitley: Please log on to Canvas and complete this week’s 2 assignments. Any questions please contact me.

    U.S. History:


    Do now: What continent is the Western Roman Empire located? 

    Sharing of the powerpoint with embedded questions. Why do you think most of the Germanic tribes focused their attacks on the Western Roman Empire?

    Give a description of the role the Goths and the Vandals played in the decline of the Roman Empire and what replaced the Roman Empire in the West Transition: Do you think citizens should have religious freedom or be required to follow one official religion? Explain The Germanic people adopted many customs and practices from the Romans into their culture. Why did Christians develop a church organization and how was the early Christian church organized? What were Charlemagne's main goals when he became king of the Franks? 

    Critical Thinking: Do you think that Charlemagne travelling all over the empire was a wise idea? Why or Why not? Why was the title"The Great" good for Charlemagne? What other title might have been better? Why? What parts of life in Charlemagne's empire would you have liked? What parts would you have disliked? Explain why. 



    McCormick:Read 180 - Task 1- Watch video then complete viewing with a purpose.  Task 2- watch video then complete Going to the Extreme form.

    ESL Beg. English- Watch video then complete Task 1- Edpuzzle, Task 2 kahoot


    Mrs. Wilson ajwilson@cdschools.org

    Please be sure you are logging in to canvas and checking out the videos and completing the assignments posted.  This week, we are learning about reading music notes on the staff and playing pianos.  

    Office hours: Thursday @ 2:00.  Zoom link in canvas.

    Mrs. Wilson ajwilson@cdschools.org

    Please be sure you are logging in to canvas and checking out the videos and completing the assignments posted.  This week, we are creating a slideshow and each choir member is creating their own slide with 3 different options of what to include on your slide to choose from. You’ll be submitting your slide in canvas.

    Office hours: Thursday @ 2:00.  Zoom link in canvas.

    COUNSELORS:Summer School information has been emailed out.  Please respond by May 8th. Summer school will be online.  

    COUNSELORS: More than ever we need to look out for each other.  If you know of a friend/peer/classmate is struggling please use the Safe2Say tip line here. https://www.safe2saypa.org/tip/

     Red Team Teachers
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