Music Classes
    Miss Wewer
    Dancing Notes
     Welcome to Music Class!
    Listed below is a summary of the areas that the students will be graded and assessed.
    All the work is done in the classroom, unless a student needs more time or was absent.
    Please check grades on HAC.  If student is missing an assignment, please encourage them to finish and complete their work.
    6th Grade:
    • Note Values (ex. whole note = 4 beats)
    • Rhythm Composition
    • Treble Clef Notes
    • Ode to Joy – playing test on the piano (keyboard)
    • Melody Composition
    • Several Jazz (ticket out the door)
    • Elvis & the Beatles packet (done in the computer lab), Nov. 28 & 29



    7th Grade:

    • Note Values ex. whole note = 4 beats
    • Rhythm Drill Worksheet (put the beats under the notes correctly)
    • Rhythm Composition
    • Treble & Bass Clef Notes
    • Performance tests on the piano for RH and LH together (keyboard)
    • Melody Composition 
    • Broadway Musical Project - students write a musical, write a script, perform a few scenes, lyrics for a song
    • Guitar Performance Test



    8th Grade:  (Mrs. Nelson teaches period 4 class - only on Days 2 & 3, since I have chorus on those days)

    • History of Music – “ticket out the door” grades
    • Opera Test (Opera packets will be completed in the computer lab) There is a test on that information.  
    • Computer Lab Nov. 28 & 29.  Opera Test - Dec. 6th.
    • Rhythm Composition Test (on Days 2 & 3 for first half of MP)
    • Piano Performance Test – learn 3 chords in left hand, learn 12-bar blues song for playing tests (both hands together)
    • Guitar Performance Test – learn and play 3 chords on guitar (on Days 2 & 3 for second half of MP)


    Please feel free to email me at  rwewer@cdschools.org   I will be happy to respond to you as soon as possible.  If you are trying to contact me about an urgent matter, please call the school at 657-3060  Ext. 75155 and leave a message.
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