• Grade 8: Mr. Thomas (246),  Mr. McMinn (132)  
                   Mrs. Matte (130), Ms. Wenrich(136)
    Team Leader:  Mr.  Thomas (246)
    Guidance Counselors:    Mrs. Siget -      (A-L     Grades 6, 7, 8) Mrs. Geissler -  (M-Z    Grades 6, 7, 8)
    The Vikings core teachers every other day during 4th period.  Parents may contact the team at that time by calling 657-3060 to receive an update on your child or set up an appointment to meet with the team.       
    The Vikings are looking forward to a very successful school year.  This year students will be studying U.S. History (colonial period through the late 1800's); English grammar, composition, literature, and vocabulary; earth and space science; mathematics; and responding to reading, as well as various elective courses. 
    Hopefully, these courses will give the students the knowledge and skills they will need for a successful high school experience.
    Homework - Work must still be completed on time for full credit; however, all core teachers accept late work for half credit.  Parents can check the student's planner call the Homework Hotline or check the online Homework Hotline to verify assignments.
    Progress Reports - They are sent home at the midpoint of each marking period, and students are encouraged to continue working hard to maintain good grades and to bolster grades that are sagging.  There is still time to bring up those scores before the end of the year!
    Absence for Educational Trips - If a student will miss class for an educational trip or activity, he or she should notify the teachers in advance and secure assignments prior to departure. Two of the most important tools a student can acquire on the road to success are a positive attitude and the ability to get and stay organized.  Parents can play a very important role in both of these areas.  Binders should be kept neat with a specific section or folder for reach subject.  Papers  should be kept in the notebook, never shoved into the textbook. 
    Above all, students should be encouraged to seek help and keep trying when things get a little rough. Our team motto is Vikings are TOPS ! This stands for T ry Hard, O rganize, P ay attention, and S eek help.  If everyone continues to make an honest attempt to follow this motto, we are sure to have a successful end to the school year. Renaissance Program marks its eleventh year at LJHS.  This is a  nation-wide incentive to reward academic excellence and good citizenship, which is totally funded through donations from the community such as businesses, parents, teachers, and fundraisers at school.  Renaissance Program Information Congratulations to our Vikings "Students of the Month" and "P.A.R.E." Award winners. Student Achievement Awards