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     Academic Literacy grade 7 Rams & Knights
    Research & Comm. Literacy grade 8 Vikings & Wildcats 
    ~Room 220~
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    Welcome to the 2019-20 school year!
    Cell phones will not be allowed.  Please plan ahead!  Put your cell phone in your locker before coming to class OR be sure your phone is off and away!  Thank you.
    Classroom Expectations:
    Prior Knowledge --background info. what you already Know about the topic
    Preview-skim, look over the text focusing on graphics (pictures, maps, charts, graphs) captions, bold words, titles and subtitles
    Predict-Take an educated guess
    Purpose--set a goal/reason for reading, for information or entertainment.
    Questions--ask these so you will have a focus when you read.
    We use these strategies to help our comprehension!  Comprehension=understanding
     Unit Essential Question: 
    How do effective readers analyze and evaluate texts to create deep understandings which they apply to their lives,
    community, and the world around them?
    Some of the 7th gr. topics we will be covering this year are:
    Unit 1: Reading Strategies
    Unit 2: Literary Elements, Theme, Central Idea
    Unit 3: Author's Perspective
    Unit 4: Media & Propaganda
    Unit 5: Test-Taking Strategies
    Unit 6: Point of View, Historical Accuracy
    Unit 7: Text Structure 
    P-WOW--papers handed out on Mondays; due Fridays!
    Personal Word of the Week---Choose a word from your reading
    1. word
    2. part of speech
    3. definition(s)
    4. title and author of book --(Underline and capitalize the title.)
    5. complete sentence (copy from book for the context)
    6. Hint: this may be a picture or synonym to help you remember the definition.
    7. Why did you choose this word?
     Unit Essential Question gr. 8 ReCommLit:
    How do effective readers analyze and evaluate information through research and communicate conclusions effectively and responsibly? 
    LEQ How do companies collect and use data about you?

    Don’t know what to read???

    Look here (any order):

    • www.Readkiddoread.com

    •           You can choose Great Advanced Reads and from there choose a genre.

    •            (Ages 10 & Up)

    •            You can also try I-Hated-to-Read-til-I-Read-This list for Boys (Girls, you can go there, too!)

    • www.paperbackswap.com

    •              Book Browser-- Choose a genre or "Teen"  "Young Adult." Click on a title for a summary.

    • www.amazon.com Please browse books only! Choose young adult.  Click on the book to read the first few pages!

    •                 Try the "Customers Who Bought This Also Bought..." feature.

    • www.goodreads.com Click on title for a summary.  This site has a "Helps you keep track of books you want to read!" feature.

    • www.epicreads.com Specifically for Young Adult/Teen books!  Try the Book Filter, Sort by feature.

    • http://www.npr.org/2012/08/07/157795366/your-favorites-100-best-ever-teen-novels.  Try this link for the 100 Best Ever Teen Novels!

    8th grade:
    Unit 1: Reading, Researching and Presenting Informational Text, Digital Literacy
    Unit 2: Evaluating and Improving Quality of Informational Presentations
    Unit 3: Reading Argumentative Writing & Presenting an Argument
    Unit 4: Quality of an Argumentative Presentation 
    Unit 5: Debates 
    Grading Protocol for all secondary reading courses:
    40% Assessments--tests, quizzes, projects
    50% Class work
    10% Preparation for Class--homework, etc. 
    There is no extra credit.
    Late work district policy: The earned percentage grade will be reduced by 10% for each day late.  After 3 school days, late work will no longer be accepted.
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    2. You will need to set up a Username and Password.  Then type in the following Activation Code: H7XNV.  If you have trouble, I suggest calling Scholastic: 1-800- SCHOLASTIC. (If you do not prefer to order online, you can still browse the catalogs online and if you choose to place an order, send cash or check to school.)

    My goals are to give my students the SKILL and the WILL to be better readers!
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