• Our school is focused on successful learning for all.  Students use a school-wide process called "Response to Intervention" or RTI.  This process has been implemented school-wide over five years ago.  What is RTI? RTI is a multi-step approach to providing high quality instruction and interventions to students who struggle with learning.  The whole idea is the prevent students from developing serious academic problems in  Reading, as well as to enhance instruction for those students who are doing well.  All students are assessed several times during the year.  Every student receives the core language Arts curriculum in the regular education setting.  The progress of a student is monitored and the results used to make decisions about the need for further research-based instruction and or targeted interventions.  The interventions occur in small groups which are either "pulled out" or  "pushed in" by teachers.  By using an RTI process, our school can potentially reduce the time a student waits before receiving additional instructional assistance; increase the number of students who succeed within the general education program andlimit the amount of unecessary testing that is not related to instruction.   Parent involvement in the educational decision making for your child is critical.  If your child is identified as being in need of any targeted interventions; you will be informed and kept informed throughout the process. 
    This is a wonderful opportunity to help our students become more successful Readers. 
    Erika L. Willis, Principal