Math Help

    Grading Scale:

    50%  Assessments - Teachers are required to give a minimum of 2 tests per quarter.

    25%  Quiz - Teachers are required to give a minimum of 2 grades submitted in this category per quarter.

    25% Class/Homework - Teachers are required to have a minimum of two grades submitted in this category per quarter.


    FREE Online math tutoring available!!

     Central Dauphin High Students Study Buddy


    What is Study Buddy?

    Study Buddy provides live, FREE math and science homework for your students!  Our tutors are high school honor students who want to help others succeed.  They have recently taken these subjects, so the material is very fresh.  Tutors and students work simultaneously on a "whiteboard," and use the side-bar for instant chat.  Sessions are monitored for appropriateness and to ensure good tutoring!  


    For On-Demand Tutoring, students go to  www.studybuddyhelp.org

    Registered last year?  Click the green link. Enter your email address; password is your last name. 

    For live tutoring, click "Request A Tutor" at the top of your online book.


    Not registered? Click the blue link to sign-up.  

    Students need to include your school name, city and state to be associated with you. They do not need a school code as long as they include these items.  


    Or, for Scheduled Tutoring, students click "Book Now" from our homepage and can schedule ahead to work with a tutor at a specific time.  Again, students go to: www.studybuddyhelp.org


Last Modified on November 19, 2020