• Welcome to the Central Dauphin High School Counseling Department!

    The CDHS school counselors would like to remind all students and families that we are available to assist you in any way.  We are available via phone calls, email, and video conferencing. Students may also schedule appointments in-person through the school counseling office.  Please feel free to reach out to us anytime.  

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    CEEB Code: 391645
    Counseling Office Fax: 717-703-5731
    For record requests, please email Krista Reuwer at kreuwer@cdschools.org

    Class of 2027

    Ms. Monica Goodfred mgoodfred@cdschools.org

    (717) 703-5360 Ext. 72334

    Class of 2024

    Mrs. Haleigh Strayer


    (717) 703-5360 Ext. 72335

    Class of 2025

    Mrs. Angela Bell abell@cdschools.org (717) 703-5360 Ext. 72333

    Class of 2026

    Mrs. Keisha Starling kstarling@cdschools.org (717) 703-5360 Ext. 72332

    Permanent Senior Counselor: Senior Athletes and Co-Op Students

    Ms. Nicole Snyder





    (717) 703-5360 Ext. 72336

    School Counseling Office Secretary

    Mrs. Carrie Sanders csanders@cdschools.org 

    (717) 703-5360 Ext. 72331

    College and Career Center & Registrar

    Mrs. Krista Reuwer 


    (717) 703-5360 Ext. 72309