• Molly Radic, Reading Specialist
    Reading Strategy Suggestions
    "What do you think you will read in your book tonight?"
    "What do you think the resolution to your story will be?"
    "How do you think the problem will be solved?"

    Clarify - Phonics

    "What chunks do you know?"
    "What does the word sound like when you put those chunks together?"
    "Did you reread the sentence to make sure it sounds right?"

    Clarify - Word Meaning or Clarify - Idea

    "Did you reread the sentence?"
    "Did you look at the picture clues?"
    "Have you thought about what you've read so far?"
    "Maybe you need to read to the next page."


    "Who are the characters in the story?"
    "Where does the story take place?"
    "What is the Problem in the story?"
    "Why do you think the characters did ___________?"
    "Why did/didn't you like your book?"


    "What have you read so far in your book?"
    "What was the main idea of what you have read tonight?"
    "Tell me the main thing that has happened in your story so far."

    "Help! I'm Stuck!"

    What to say when your child comes to a word that s/he can't read.

    1. What clues can you get from the picture?
    2. What sound does the first letter make?
    3. Read to the end of the sentence and think about what word would make sense.
    4. Reread the sentence to see if the word you said makes sense.
Last Modified on October 5, 2020