Welcome Room 19!

    I'm very excited to start the new year with a new group of first graders.  


    Our Schedule:

    Our class will be split into two groups.  If you are not sure which group your child is in, just ask!


    Group A

    Cycle Day 1 - Music with Mrs. Lee

    Cycle Day 2 - Phys. Ed. with Mr. Irving

    Cycle Day 3 - Art with Ms. Fogg

    Cycle Day 4 - Computer

    Cycle Day 5 - Library. with Mrs. Werdt

    Group B

    Cycle Day 1- Computer

    Cycle Day 2- Art with Ms. Fogg

    Cycle Day 3- Library with Mrs. Werdt

    Cycle Day 4- Music with Mrs. Lee

    Cycle Day 5- Phys. Ed. with Mr. Irving


    Our Curriculum
    Language Arts:  Our reading program combines whole group and small group instruction, using a variety of materials.  Your child will improve sight word vocabulary, decoding strategies, and comprehension skills this school year.  A vital part of his/her learning is practicing and reading together at home.  You can find more info about our reading programs on our district website and at www.eduplace.com.  Also included in our Language Arts program is the development of writing skills.  Your child will do a variety of writing each day.  We will also work very hard to improve handwriting using the Handwriting Without Tears program. 
    Math:  Our school uses a program called "Go Math!".  We will begin our year learning about place value concepts, and learning numbers to 120.  Please watch for math updates in our family letters and monthly classroom newsletters.
    Science:  Foss Science, our science program, provides us with three kits to teach in first grade.  These kits are called:  Sun and Moon, Solids and Liquids, and New Plants.  Each kit provides exciting lessons and hands-on experiments.   For more details:  www.fossweb.com 
    Social Studies:  First grade will learn about a variety of topics using our Harcourt Social Studies Program.  We will learn about our community, our national history, other countries and cultures, maps, and more!  For more details:  www.harcourtschool.com
    Health:  Our first grade health curriculum will cover many topics such as nutrition, dental health, wellness, community health workers, and much more.  






    Homework Pass
    Print and cut out....bring to school and you can skip a homework assignment of your choice!
    Valid in Room 19 only.  Only one time per marking period!
    Please contact me at:  657-3211 Extension 79105 (school) or lmumma@cdschools.org
Last Modified on August 25, 2019