Welcome to Linglestown Elementary's Library Corner
    SOAR with Reading!
    Mrs. Sattazahn shares two schools: North Side and Linglestown.
    She is at Linglestown on day 2 in the morning.
    She can be contacted at msattazahn@cdschools.org
    Mrs. Werdt has two schools: Linglestown and Mountain View.
    Mrs. Werdt is at Linglestown on days 3 and 5. 
    She can be contacted at rwerdt@cdschools.org.
    Remember good book care:
    •  Keep book in your backpack when you are not reading it.
       Keep water bottle away from library books.
    • Use a bookmark or piece of paper to save your page.
    • Do not write, color, cut or glue on your book.
    • Turn pages carefully.
    • Keep books away from pets.
    • Keep books away from younger brothers and sisters. 
    • Do not eat or drink while reading your book.
    • Wash your hands before reading your book.
    • Return your books on time so others can enjoy them.
Last Modified on August 27, 2019