Welcome to Room 8!

    You can view current skills being taught and learned in the classroom by viewing the agenda on Google Classroom during the current school year. 

    - Look at informational papers from the school.
    - Please review papers that your child brings home.
    - Look at our booklet agenda and virtual agenda if online learning is still in use.
    - Review our homework with us to see what we're learning.
    - Look at our completed work papers.  If we have errors on the papers, please review with us.  Some notations you might see on the papers are:
            - WH - that means "with help" and we needed an adult's help to complete it
            - TOG - that means we did it together as a class
            - WOT - that means we did it on our own, but then went over the answers together
            - POQ - we were to answer with "part of the question"
            - P -  we completed it with a partner
            - NC - not in a complete sentence or your answer needs more support
              - ND - not done
             - I - was completed individually
    Thank you for your support!!
    Note to the Students:
    Mrs. Fetterhoff
    Some sites you might want to keep trying throughout the summer are:
     www.thinkcentral.com(our language arts program).  
Last Modified on June 3, 2021