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    Welcome to Room 8!
     Math - We are fininshing up our multiplication and division unit. We have been working on story problems and those that involve multiple steps. We learned about order of operations.  Next, we will be learnng about fractions.  We'll be comparing, representing, and naming equivalentf fractions.  We'll be representing fractions on a number line.
    Language Arts - In language arts are using two stories to learn "What is the structure of this text?"  Ask us about Thomas Edision and Migrations.  We learned about cause/effect, problem/solution, chronological, and compare and contrast as text structures.  
    We are also learning about adjectives.  Some adjectives answer "What kind?"  Some answer "How many?"  Some adjectives are articles,like a, an, and the.  We also learned about comparison adjectives, those that end in -er and -est.
    Remind us to do extramath.org!    A paper will be home explaining how it works on Back-to-School night.
    Remind us to keep reading every day!
    Remind us to practice our math facts.
    - Look at informational papers from the school.
    - Look at our agenda.
    - Review our homework with us to see what we're learning.
    - Look at our completed work papers.  If we have errors on the papers, please review with us.  Some notations you might see on the papers are:
            - WH - that means "with help" and we needed an adult's help to complete it
            - TOG - that means we did it together as a class
            - WOT - that means we did it on our own, but then went over the answers together
            - POQ - we were to answer with "part of the question"
            - P -  we completed it with a partner
            - NC - not in a complete sentence or your answer needs more support
              - ND - not done
             - I - was completed individually
    Thank you for your support!!
    Note to the Students:
    Mrs. Fetterhoff
    Some sites you might want to keep trying throughout the summer are:
     www.thinkcentral.com(our language arts program).  
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