Middle Paxton Elementary School is one of thirteen schools that comprise the Central Dauphin School District. The Central Dauphin School District is a dynamic, suburban community of approximately 83, 000 residents with a student population of 11,783. Approximately 86% of Central Dauphin School District students seek higher education.


    The Central Dauphin School District is the 13th largest school district in the state of Pennsylvania and is the largest of ten school districts in Dauphin County. Students are transported by the district's own transportation system which includes over 100 buses that travel approximately 1.8 million miles per year or about 8,000 miles per school day.


    Central Dauphin School District encompasses an area of 118.2 square miles and is comprised of three boroughs (Dauphin, Paxtang and Penbrook) and four townships (Lower Paxton, Middle Paxton, Swatara and West Hanover).


    Dauphin Borough and Middle Paxton Township make up the attendance area for the Middle Paxton Elementary School. Middle Paxton Elementary School serves children starting in kindergarten through grade five. There are approximately 315 students in the school. The school is child centered and an essential part of the community.


    The original Middle Paxton School opened as Middle Paxton Consolidated School on Peters Mountain Road in 1930. It was located in what is now the front parking lot of the current Middle Paxton Elementary School which was opened in September 1991.


    The Dauphin-Middle Paxton community is a scenic area next to the Susquehanna River. It is bordered by the river on the south and Peter's Mountain on the north, which is part of the Appalachian Mountains. There are many creeks in the area: Fishing, Clarks, and Stoney are the three main creeks and each is located in a valley. The physical features of this area blend together to create a picturesque setting.


    The community of Borough Dauphin came into existence in 1770 when the town of Greens Mills was renamed after Dauphin in France. It emerged from that small town to the community of today.


    Many of the original buildings still stand today. Some of these include the Dauphin Hotel, the Hetzel Hotel, and the local Methodist Church.


    There are also many historical landmarks such as the Peter Allen House. The Peter Allen House is the oldest house in Dauphin and noted for the fact that George Washington once spent the night there. Other famous places are the remains of the Pennsylvania Canal, Fort Hunter, and the Rockville Bridge, which is the longest stone bridge in the world.


    The history of the Dauphin-Middle Paxton area helps to make the community a unique and interesting place to live.

Last Modified on July 18, 2018