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    Middle Paxton School Association is proud to announce that it is offering a $1000 scholarship to be awarded to a former student who will begin a post-secondary education.  Each applicant must be a candidate for graduation from Central Dauphin High School, Central Dauphin East High School or Dauphin County Vocational Technical School and have completed four or more grades at Middle Paxton Elementary School.

    The scholarship will be awarded on the basis of academic standing within the high school.  School citizenship, community service and employment history also will be taken into consideration.  An essay of not more than 250 words explaining educational goals and objectives must accompany the application.

    Applications for the Middle Paxton School Association Scholarship are available at each of the listed high schools from the guidance office.  The completed application is to be returned to their guidance counselor for completion and forwarding to the selection committee.  The deadline for applying is April 1, 2009 of their senior year.  The scholarship will be presented during the senior awards ceremony at the recipient's high school.  The recipient will be notified at least seven days prior to the date.

    Please contact Middle Paxton Elementary School at 921-8951 with any questions.

    For more information:
    Kathleen Conway
    Scholarship Committee Chairperson
    Middle Paxton School Association
    Annual Parent Notice
    Right to Request Teacher Qualifications
    Parents' Right to Know Teacher Qualifications
    If your child attends a Title 1 school, you are entitled to information about your child's teacher.  You are entitled to know whether the teacher is certified and qualified to teach the particular subject and grade.  You are entitled to information about the teacher's college degree and major.
    If you child receives any services from a paraprofessional, the school is required to provide you with information about the paraprofessional's qualifications.
    Submit a written request for information about your child's teacher or paraprofessional to the building principal.  The building principal will provide you with that information in a timely manner.
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